Thursday, 24 May 2018


 Good morning, everyone.  I woke up this morning to the sight of falling rain and a lovely, soaked ground which did my heart good.  Just what the garden ordered!  It looks as if it's been going on for a while so the soil will have been given a good soaking and it will make the allotment so much easier to fork over.

Diet or no diet, healthy eating plan or not, yesterday's meal out was gorgeous.  We all (all 30 of us) had the set meal (£19.95 for three courses) which starts off with sharing platters.  I managed to stick with the vegetables - tomatoes, carrot, pepper and cucumber.  They were dressed in, presumably, olive oil but it wasn't too oily.  My main was skinny pizza primavera which was 'goat's cheese, spinach, artichokes, roasted peppers, balsamic tomatoes, olives and rocket on a wholemeal, white and spelt base with a 'summer slaw' in a citrus harissa dressing' (a quote from their web site!).  I got a shock when it arrived as it was HUGE, but it was OK, the base was paper thin and the toppings were only a reasonable amount.   It was delicious and I didn't manage to finish it all.  Dessert was naughty though - three scoops of delicious ice cream.

Although the food was lovely, the best bit of the evening was socialising with old friends, people I have worked with years and the real highlight was someone who started at school not long after I did who retired at the same time as I and who I haven't seen now for nearly three years.  She didn't recognise me!!!  Yay!
I keep getting nice comments from people - I think one doesn't realise the change because it is day by day and gradual but there does seem to be a significant change, enough for people to look twice and then look again and say something.

It's been a lovely week for eating out but it is back to normal life again now and fingers crossed for those scales; I have tried not to go overboard and I think I have more or less succeeded.  A maintain would be great!

On to today!  Normality rules again.  Aqua is at 9:45 so I will do my usual, get there early and warm up with twenty minutes or so of up and down, then do the class, then another time of swimming (to avoid the post class queues for the showers) before a relax in the spa.

I will need to go to Matalan.  About three weeks ago I needed to get a belt (to keep my jeans up!) and had to get the larger one because the smaller one wouldn't quite do up.  Well, it is now on the tightest notch so I need to get the smaller one.  That's how I know for sure that, although the weight is a bit up/down/plateau right now, I am still losing those inches.  I reckon that's a result of the swimming.

Well, after that I shall come home and take a rain check - literally.  If it has cleared up, I'll pop along to the allotment where the forking over and weeding should be loads easier and I won't need to water.  If it hasn't, I won't.

Then it is a lazy day until tuition.  I have ironing to do and stuff to get sorted so I can use the time usefully.
Despite the rain, a nice, cheerful day!

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  So the glorious weather continues - at least, it does round here although I gather there have been storms and rain elsewhere.  No such luck here though.

As expected, yesterday was busy, busy, busy although there were rest times in between all the activity!  It was nice to see more potatoes coming up at the allotment and I will soon start trenching them up (I think that's the phrase anyway) and the peas will go in soon.  They are mange tout and the pack is a mixture of types that should keep fruiting for several months which seems like a very good idea!  I need to pot on the courgettes and the outdoor cucumbers  while the runner beans are doing so well they will need putting out soon.  There are spaces at home but there will be plenty left for the allotment as well.

And, great excitement, at home the tayberry that refused to die is sending out flowers in several places while there are blueberry fruit appearing (not on the tayberry though!) and there are loads of little strawberries and  I bet they all ripen while I am on holiday!  Someone-or-other's law.

I rather fancy planting a clematis in a pot I have down the end of the garden.  One with loads of flowers, like Montana or Nelly Moser, both of which are very pretty and will brighten up the area next to the compost bin and take ones eye away from said bin which is hardly a pretty sight.  It's too late for this year but I might very well invest in one for beauty next year.

Getting back to yesterday, my hair is now chopped again, looking a bit short but give it a few weeks and it will be just right.  Tuition was fun, as usual and the evening out was brilliant.  I had the smaller plate salad as planned and couldn't finish it all!

Today looks just as fraught but actually it is less busy.  Early morning swimming again, a trip to the allotment to water the poor plants and, hopefully, to put in an hour's forking and weeding.  This afternoon I am hearing reading in Y1 followed by tuition (all planned) and then, bad me, another meal out, this time with ex-colleagues to say goodbye to someone who is moving on to another job.  She will be sorely missed.  We're going to Zizzi's, easy for parking, and they link some of their meals to 'under 600 calories', not that there's any guarantee that it is accurate, of course, but one can hope.
I have more confidence that I can stick with my good resolutions after last night; being alcohol free helps a lot, of course.

I'm hoping for another lovely day today and that yours is too.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Good morning.  I thought we might have a bit of rain overnight but I don't think we did.  It would have helped but never mind.

Yesterday's meeting went on longer than I expected but it was a very, very good meeting and I think we were all pleased with how much got covered.

When I popped into the staffroom just before the 'nanny helping'; in FS, everyone was going on about how I was 'fading away' (ha ha - I wish) and as I walked back to the car, another friend stopped her car as she was leaving the car park to wow at my weight loss.  I think it's the contrast really because there's still quite a lot of chubbiness still to lose, plus the fact that I wasn't out and about all that much when I was losing the weight because of feeling rotten quite a lot of the time.

Things seem to be plateauing rather at the moment and two meals out this week isn't helping but never mind.  I might go back on the liver shrinking diet for a week or so to kick start it all again.  They did warn me that things would be up and down after the op and I am exercising a lot more plus a change in medication but by now things should be stabilising again.  Fingers crossed.

Today is busier than yesterday.
I'm not missing my swimming again so I'm going when the gym opens at 6:30 and it will be up, down, up, down for an hour.
Then it's home for breakfast and to iron my hair decent again before popping out with a friend to visit a school (she's visiting, I'm accompanying)
After that it is straight back home because the lovely Sharon is coming to work wonders with my hair.
I should have a quick hour to have lunch before tuition and not long after that I am meeting friends down the Hare for a meal out.
I should sleep well tonight!

Thankfully, tomorrow is easier (during the day, anyway).

Monday, 21 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Another lovely day yesterday, wasn't it?

Yesterday I tried to make amends for Saturday's slip-up with the food and I think I did, more or less.
I really pushed the swimming and managed to get a bit breathless - not too much but enough to raise the pulse a bit which, I believe, makes it more fat burning.  After an hour of that my muscles were buzzing.  Then I went to the allotment and did some lifting, mowing, strimming and forking/weeding for a couple of hours.  That has to be good for burning a few calories, surely.

After all that, I was feeling tired so I had my lunch in the garden and then sat out and read the paper.  The sun was shining but it wasn't all that warm in the shade which is where I like to sit out.
I'm not a great fan of barbecues.  I think the taste of barbied food is OK but not worth doing just for one.  What I do love is the smell though, it's much better than the taste.  They were having a barbie next door so I reclined in my comfy garden chair, read the paper, sipped my sparkling water and enjoyed the aroma while the sun shone and the birds sang.  It was bliss.

I also had a very peaceful evening and another early night.  It was a really lovely day.

Today I have a meeting at school, am helping out in the afternoon and then some tuition.  I'm hoping that between the meeting and the helping I can get to the allotment for a bit more work.  No swimming today though, there just isn't the time.
The cleaner couldn't come on Friday so is coming today instead.  It'll be great to have a clean home by the evening.

That's about it really so have an enjoyable day.  I'm awake very early so I shall get the planning all done and off my mind!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday extra!

I forgot to mention The Wedding!

I thought it was lovely.  It was blessed with sunshine, gentle warmth, happy crowds and beautiful music.  I rather took to Meghan's mum, sitting there all on her own, and wanted to give her a big hug.  I thought the way Charles took her hand when they went to sign the register was lovely.

Harry looked scared to death at a few points and Meghan - well, she looked just as every bride should look on her wedding day, fulfilling everyone's hopes and expectations and it was really rather clever of her.  She has such a beautiful smile.

And yes, the tears came when Harry lifted her veil and again at their confident responses and promises!

I'm just a soppy old romantic at heart!


Good morning.  Looks like another lovely day, not too warm yet but gorgeous.  It's almost getting boring but no complaints this end!

Yesterday was lovely but - oh, dear - I overdid the food totally and the weight has shot up.  I probably shouldn't have checked!  Never mind, back on the wagon today and it will settle again - I know it is just temporarily and some retained fluid won't have helped.

It was a lovely party.  Extremely noisy, of course, but the children were well behaved, there were only a few tears, the way the food was done was very clever, I thought, and all in all, they had a super time.  Enough parents stayed to make it all relatively easy to manage.

I was shattered afterwards and went to bed early again.  Unfortunately, I forgot about the little plants I had left outside - forgot to water, forgot to bring in and this morning just about all the sungold tomato seedlings are dead while the gardeners' delights are looking none too healthy either.  I've whizzed online and bought some baby plants to replace the sungolds so fingers crossed.  I was growing them for someone else as well as for me so it's rather a disaster!  How could I be so careless?

Today I am umming and ahing about going swimming.  I think I will because I need to but maybe I won't do a whole hour because I have to do allotment today and maybe Beth is coming as well.  I hope so because there's some heavy stuff to move and I can't do it by myself.

There's no ironing left now, three cheers, but I do have some planning to do for Monday and Tuesday.  Better get started then.  Have a good day!

Saturday, 19 May 2018


Good morning, everyone.  A lovely sunny day for a wedding, don't you think.  Yesterday was great too, very cheering.

I really pushed myself yesterday at swimming, thinking it was about time I moved up a little notch.  The result was lots of aches and a very early bedtime!

Once home, I made fifty nine little cakes, each with a swirl of butter icing (a shame my old icing bag split half way through and lucky I had another in the cupboard) and forty eight also ended with a little pirate picture topper, that being the party theme.  I'll be taking them down at about 1:30 today.
They took ages, longer than I expected, and my kitchen looked like a bomb site when I had finished.  It's amazing how icing sugar gets everywhere!  It's still a bit messy as I was too zonked to do all that much but it'll get sorted today!

A terrible photo as they are covered with cling film, but you get the idea!

In between cakes, I did some ironing and there's just a bit more to do today (while watching the wedding).  My back ached too much to finish it off yesterday but that's all worn off now and I am fine.

Later on, a lady called Sue came round and we went through my wishes and requirements for my new will and for an Lasting Power of Attorney thingy.  I'm just thankful that my affairs are relatively simple and really shouldn't take too long to sort out.  Selling the house will be the most complicated thing.  I'm really glad things have been set in motion.  The will should have been done a long time ago and the LPA is just sensible really. 

As I mentioned, I was so zonked that I was in bed well before eight and fast asleep soon after and I didn't stir until half past five this morning - nearly ten hours' sleep.  Lovely!

No swimming today, I reckon my body needs a day off.  Not my mind though - I sort out a lot of things while trudging up and down, up and down!  It's a useful time.

After the wedding and the ironing and the sorting-out-the-kitchen, I'm off to a party for a little girl (who absolutely loved her Darcy doll, by the way), taking the cakes with me.  I should get some exercise there and just need to avoid the food - typical little girl party food so that shouldn't be too hard as long as I can resist the crisps.  It was another two pounds off yesterday so that should be an incentive not to go bonkers.

And then I reckon I will be wiped out and get another early night!