Saturday, 10 December 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.

After a very dull start yesterday, we ended up having a bit of sunshine which was very pleasant, but in other ways the morning was a bit of a disaster really.  I locked Beth out of the house for long enough for her to become extremely worried and didn't hear because I was upstairs, hadn't yet put in my hearing aids and am really as deaf as a post without them.
I couldn't find the house key later on either.

These things are sent to try us, aren't they.

I found the key in the 'wrong' part of my bag and we have worked out how Beth can get into the house even when the front door chain is on.

Once all that had died down, we loaded up my car with all the stuff for our stall before Beth left.

At around four, we drove to school and set up our table(s).  It all looked nice but I forgot to take my camera, annoyingly, so no photos.  We sold enough to make it worth our while and divvied up as soon as we got home.  There's loads left over so that will have to go upstairs for next year, after I have taken my pick of what I want for this year!

Today is a quiet day (I sincerely hope).  I shall potter around, do some knitting, some housework, maybe a bit of ironing and generally have a peaceful time.

Today's Christmas music if from the pen of the great Graham Kendrick and is one I have never 'performed' but love very much.  It's the thoughtful 'Thorns in the Straw'.

Coffee time.

Friday, 9 December 2016


Good morning.  It's still quite dark so, I expect, it is another very dull and dismal day out there.  Still, I don't have to go out until early evening and no sun means I don't see the muck on the windows so much!

I enjoyed yesterday again.  If it wasn't so pleasant, all these enjoyable days would be boring and it probably is for you, my readers.  🙂

Yesterday evening, after tuition, I had a grand time on you tube, listening to all my old favourites from Christmasses in the past.

I think my absolute favourite of all time is Pearsall's version of In Dulci Jubilo which I met when I sang in the Madrigal Group/Chapel Choir at secondary school.

I like this clip especially because it has the music so I can sing along (when no-one is listening) and remember those times when I was my happiest at school - making music with like minded friends.
The choir is the incomparable Kings College choir.

And then, in contrast, a version that is far more the carol as it was usually performed, I expect, as a jolly dance.  Mike Oldfield's version.

Ah, nostalgia!

Today it's the Christmas Fair.  I'm looking forward to dealing with the piles of stuff in the living room and getting it all put away tomorrow.  It's been a long week for my ex-colleagues in the Infant department what with pantomimes, shows and the Fair tonight.  I expect they can't wait for the weekend and a bit of a rest.  I'm rather missing all the fun of the season - making cards and little gifts for family, special work sheets, tinsel everywhere, different things happening, but I am not missing the general exhaustion that sets in after a while.

It's time for another coffee so I will go.  Have an enjoyable day!

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Well, what a lovely, interesting, happy day yesterday was!

It started when I wrote yesterday's entry at extremely stupid o'clock after which I felt the tiredness return so went back to bed, set the alarm and, thankfully, dropped back off to sleep again.  It was just as well because there wasn't much chance to snooze during the day and I would have been mortified to fall asleep in the governors' meeting.

It had been invited to the first performance of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel and it was gorgeous.  I felt Christmas had started.  I'm very fortunate to have been able to maintain close ties with the school I taught at for so long and to which I have became so attached.

A few minutes after I got home, Beth and Jane came round so that Beth could show off what we have made for the fair on Friday (and she sold a few bits too)!

I have taken to providing some home made yummies for the Governors so I set to and used my new cookie cutters and a simple 1,2,3 shortbread recipe to make some biscuits.  And that's where I came a bit of a cropper because the cutters were very hard to use and what came out was useless and had to be re-rolled.  I ended up looking on the Lakeland page at the reviews and, yes, lots of people had problems.  I read through all the comments and suggestions, made mental notes and tried again and this time my strategies worked and I ended up with some lovely looking snowflake biscuits that went down a treat at the meeting!

I also noted that people complained that they rusted quickly so after washing them, I popped them in the warm oven to dry thoroughly.  Fingers crossed, because I want to make some more on Monday for my dear little FS class that I hear read once a week.

Then it was tuition time and I had another lovely session.  I am so enjoying these tuition times.

After tea it was off to the governors' meeting where I took on a bit more responsibility as a Y3 link governor and I was also asked to take responsibility for my two favourite subjects, music and art, so I came home a very happy and satisfied bunny.

A very busy day and I slept extremely well - a great relief

Today I'm in school p.m., then it is tuition x 2 and that's it so housework will be done in between other stuff

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Wednesday - very early

Ooops - I'm having a wide awake night.  I don't get them very often but I know there's no point fighting them when they do come so I am down and doing.  I know that at some point sleep will return and then I will go back to bed and finish the night off asleep!

I shall need to set the alarm clock off though as I have an appointment this morning - an appointment with the Infant Christmas Show!  They're doing 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel' which is a particular favourite of mine and one I 'produced' a number of years ago now.  Because I'm seeing it today, I didn't stay with the dress rehearsal yesterday, just helped the littlies to get changed, did my shopping and helped them back into their uniform again afterwards, not that they needed much help - they are very independent!

While Beth was working on something yesterday morning, I finished off the last few bits and bobs for the stall on Friday.  I took our donation to the raffle so that's off the list, and discovered where our stall will be.  I think we are more or less ready now.

I'm very busy working on another nativity crib set for reasons I will explain after Christmas.  I was a bit cross with myself yesterday.  One of the main parts of one of the shepherds seemed to be rather large.  I know that double knitting can knit up differently, depending on the make, but it wasn't until I had finished it that I realised I'd been using chunky, not DK.  Doh!
All sorted now.

So - today, once I finish getting my sleep, is in school first thing and then back home for some serious housework.  Later on there's tuition and after that it is governors' meeting so that is the evening taken care of.  I treated myself to some nice snowflake cookie cutters on Monday so I might make some shortbread snowflakes for the meeting.

That's it for today so fingers crossed I get some more sleep soon or I will be falling asleep later on instead of housework!  Not a good idea, looking around at the chaos I call my living room!

Have a good day!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Yesterday's frost.

Hello, gentle readers.  It it a cold, foggy morning here but, thankfully, there is no frost: if there had been, driving conditions would have been pretty dangerous.  As it is, people just have to go carefully.

I got into town nice and early and there were plenty of parking slots.  When I got back to the car park, it was crowded and cars were queuing to get in - on a Monday!  That's Christmas for you!

I managed to do everything on my list and also found a nice Christmas present for someone which was extra but not unnecessary.  I noticed that, in one of the precincts, there is a new shop that sells 'wholefoods' so I took a look in there and bought a nice big bag of dried cranberries which I use a fair amount.  I visited Lakeland, of course, and am now stocked up with dried yeast and with red paper napkins for the Christmas buffets.  I shall use real ones for The Dinner itself.

Once home, I pottered, tidied, sorted, knitted, ironed and generally kept busy.  It was a pleasant day.

Today, I started off well by not getting up until after seven.  That means a bit of a rush shortly but nothing too bad (or I wouldn't be writing this now).
Beth comes over after dropping Al off and while she works on a Christmas present for someone, I shall finish off the last dribs and drabs of School Fair stuff.  Then I am off to school pm, not to do reading but to help the littlies get into their costumes for their dress rehearsal.  I won't be watching the rehearsal so I shall pop over the road and do the week's shopping before going back to help then get into their ordinary clothes again.  Hopefully, I shall be a very helpful extra pair of hands.

So - a busy day but a pleasant one!

Monday, 5 December 2016


Good morning!  Another very frosty and slightly misty morning here in the South/East and I'm not looking forward to popping into town this morning, although I must!

While Beth was round yesterday, we got everything down and sorted for our stall on Friday.  It's quite a nice array of stuff this year and, if I have time, I will take a few photos when it is all set up.

My Christmas bedding arrived yesterday.  It's lovely - well, bright and Christmassy tartan and lovely and soft.  It's been washed so today I shall iron it and air it and then it will be ready for putting on the bed on Christmas Eve.   Silly, really, isn't it?

I made some bread yesterday but then got into sorting out our stall things and forgot that there were two loaves proving, so they were rather over risen with great bubbles on the top.  Not something I can give to my 'customer' although fine for me, so I will be making another batch today, when I have picked up some yeast.  I am now totally out of yeast which is an oversight on my part.

Once home after shopping and doughing, it's Yellow room with a timer to remind me of the bread.

And that's about it today!

Have a good one!

Sunday, 4 December 2016


Well, it's a real cold and frosty morning this morning, very pretty indeed.

However, I shall have to spend some time in the garden this week as many of the plants have now been frost damaged and need dealing with.

Yesterday I discovered two manky bananas so I made a couple of banana loaves, one for now and one for the freezer for Christmas.  I will probably drizzle icing over the Christmas one to make it look more 'festive' - I wonder if you can get edible glitter to add to icing - must take a look around!
Here's the one that's already been attacked.  It is simple but delicious.

I enjoyed watching Strictly last night - they are all getting so, so good now.  I reckon it's Judge Rinder's turn to go - he doesn't have the polish of the others.  What do you think?

Today, Beth and Al are coming over for lunch and after lunch Beth and I will be sorting out all our 'stock' for the school Christmas Fair on Friday.  Yes, it is that time of year again and we have plenty of merry, festive stuff to sell.  Fingers crossed!

Have a lovely Sunday and stay warm!