Thursday, 22 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  After a beautiful Spring day yesterday, BBC weather tells me it is going to be lovely again today; maybe not quite so sunny but mild and Spring-like with some sun.

Yesterday I managed to get three loads of washing on the line by ten a.m. and it did my heart good to see it billowing on the line in the sun and gentle breeze.  Later on I ironed it all and, yet again, appreciated how much easier it is when the items have been line dried.

I tackled another bit of my bedroom,recycled some extremely old magazines, found two Which? magazines I've been looking for for ages and cleared two boxes of  'stuff'.  How fortunate that the bins are being collected today!

I had a great time at tuition and then settled to watch some evening telly, not that there's much on at the moment!

Today is usually a free day until early evening but during the main Beast weather, school was closed and the FS assemblies I was going to watch were, obviously, postponed.  One of them has been rescheduled for today and the other for next week. so I shall pop off to watch it and then whizz over the road to Morrisons to do a bit of shopping before coming home.

Later on, I will be attending meetings at school followed by tuition and then my friend, J, is coming over and we're off to the theatre in town to watch a live live broadcast of The Importance of Being Earnest from the Vaudeville Theatre, London.  I'm really looking forward to that!
J is staying overnight before going home tomorrow.

Apart from a bit of tidying up, all is ready so there's not too much to do.  I shall tackle another dark spot in my bedroom and also start making some more space in the smallest guest room.  I know I did this a while ago but books reproduce and I now know which ones I have had no interest in opening since the last time.  I must be bold and ruthless!  I desperately need that shelf space for books I do want to keep!

First things first though.  It has to be coffee first, doesn't it?

Have a splendid day!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  It's going to be a gorgeous day today after a gorgeous day yesterday.  Yes, it's cold, but it's so sunny and bright, it lifts my spirits.  Lovely.

I got remarkably little done yesterday - little housework, that is.  I did make inroads into my stitching though.  I did some errands, a bit of clearing and tidying, some paperwork and some cooking.

Today I have washing (drying and ironing), some clearing, some helping out at school, some planning and some tuition so I'm keeping this short so I can get going because I really don't want any of it to carry over until tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  Yesterday's weather was lovely - more or less wall to wall sunshine and the snow all but vanished.  There's just a few little patches left on the raised beds and containers.  It looks cold though, through the window - bleak, cloudy and with quite a breeze.
There's a lot of talk about the beast returning for Easter.  I do hope not but what will be, will be and neither wishing nor whining will make an iota of difference, will it?

I enjoyed yesterday, busy as it was.  It was the last Knitter Knatter Club (it just runs for this spring term) and we were very proud of the way all the girls have made such progress.  In less than three months, most of them have turned into very confident knitters and they were all talking about how they were carrying on with it and what they planned to make.  Indeed, one young lady has already started a little garment for an expected baby.  Impressive.

Tuition was great.  This week will be all about what was said at last week's TLCs (Termly Learning Conferences, formerly known as consultation evenings) and so far all the news is good.  Significant progress made, catching up well, etc.  I'm very happy.

I didn't mention the Paddington film yesterday.  I meant to but forgot.  Anyway, I loved it.  Beautifully made and a big smile from start to finish with plenty of downright laughter all the way through.  Paddington is such an engaging character, beautifully animated (very clever), and there's some big named in the cast that do a wonderful job (I think).  Well worth getting, if you haven't already seen the film and even if you have.

I'm getting on with the cross stitch in between knitting and sewing.  After a while, I realised that I'd mixed up two colours (I wish they came pre-sorted) but it doesn't look too out of place so it will just stay that way as it's quite a complicated design and I couldn't face unpicking!   I've moved the colours around now, of course, so the rest should be OK.

I've decided I will do one room at a time AND all the back stitching (not my favourite part) before moving on to the next room.  I'm also doing the biggest rooms first.

Today is a day at home except that I might pop round to a friend who is stuck inside all day.  I have to get the guest room ready as a friend is staying overnight on Thursday but that won't take long and I'd like to tackle a few higher cupboards in my bedroom.  I have a little footstool, one of the unfolding kind, which is very useful and, being the lazy type, I have bought another one to be kept upstairs.  No excuses now!

It should be a good day, whatever the weather.

 Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

Monday, 19 March 2018


Good morning, everyone.  The sun is shining and, although the snow is still around, I am sure it will disappear today.  This really has to be winter's last fling, doesn't it.

I love this even though the light isn't great.  Taken yesterday morning, it is Spring's promise!

Yesterday was utterly lazy.  I don't think I did a spot of work apart from the washing up.  I sat with my cross stitch and watched back to back DVDs - Paddington 2, of course, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and an old Strictly DVD.  How idle is that?

It's back to normal today with a very busy day.  The morning is clear so I will do some tidying up and some clearing out.  Then it is into school for Knitter Knatter and helping out followed by some tuition.  That should keep nme out of trouble.

Time for coffee.  Have a lovely day, wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

Sunday, 18 March 2018


Good morning, everyone!  What weather, eh?  Nothing bad but it snowed most of yesterday and when I drew the curtains it was still snowing.  It's stopped now and I guess it will be inconvenient rather than restricting but if we've had some, it will be a lot worse in other places.  Fortunately, 'they' reckon it will warm up again pretty quickly.
Poor old daffodils (taken yesterday morning).

Indoors was much better!

Given that the roads were clear, I drove along to Morrisons yesterday and got the few things I needed.  I also found Mullerlight yogurts at 30p each which is very good and treated myself to a DVD - the Paddington 2 film as I heard it is lovely and is guaranteed to have no naughty bits and certainly no nasty bits so suits me just fine.  I shall watch it this afternoon, I think, as it's too cold and nasty to go out.

I finished the snowdrops cross stitch and here it is.  There's a few errors which I won't point out but it's pretty.  Now I have to decide what to do with it.

I've started another one - much bigger this time.  Sorting out the silks was a bit of a brain-acher and I had to do it by the window but I think I've got it right now.  I did the old trick of punching holes in a bit of card to thread the silks through.
This is it (a scan of the picture that came with it).
I might cross stitch the house shape rather than use the frame that came with it.  Mounting it isn't going to be easy otherwise.

Sorting out some more cupboards in my bedroom, I found some things that I was so pleased about.
A decade or so ago I got down to more or less the weight I am now - still too much but getting there - and, as an encouragement, knitted a couple of jumpers.  One was in chunky with a knit-purl pattern similar to a Guernsey and the other was a proper Aran and they are both long (bum covering).
I can get them on but they are tight and anyway, something as chunky as that needs to be looser fitting but they are lovely, I remember how much I enjoyed making them all that time ago and, all being well, they will be absolutely perfect for next winter, being the sort of traditional thing that really doesn't date..
It feels like a gift - a treat from me to me.  :-)

Must dig out my patterns and maybe knit myself a few more things over the summer.

Today will be more or less the same.  Paddington to watch, knitting, crochet and sewing to be getting on with and some planning to do for next week.  Should be good!
If you have to go out, please take care and be safe.

Saturday, 17 March 2018


It's funny, this blogging things, isn't it?  The chances of ever meeting those whose blogs you read and follow are minimal but, over the days, weeks, comments and replies, you feel a liking, you engage with them, in a way you empathise.  There's definitely a friendly relationship going on there.  I'm sure some of you will know exactly what I mean.

And then it stops.

Several months ago, Frugal Queen suddenly shut up shop and disappeared.  Now, I didn't really feel any sort of 'friendship' with Jane, it isn't something she really encouraged, but I enjoyed her some of her entries and admired the way she pulled her life together and helped others to do the same.

Now someone else has stopped blogging.  I don't know why and I'm certainly not nosey enough to ask around; that's her business and I am sure there are clear and important reason, but there's a great sense of loss in me at the moment.  S, whatever the reason, thanks for sharing your home and life, for all the advice, info, accounts, recipes, photos and everything else that made your blog such a delight to read each day.

Be happy.  Have a good life.

I hope she reads this.


Good morning everyone! 
The so-called Beast from the East 2 has arrived although it's hardly roaring.  It's the usually slightly soggy snowfall that is less like a roar and more like a gentle miaouw really, settling on grass and roofs but not on the roads and pathways.  A bit unusual for mid March but it won't last as long (I hope) nor be as cold.  My boiler is still on, thankfully!

It was quite different yesterday, mild and sunny with a gentle breeze that dried my clothes nicely on the line.  I got two loads done which means the basket is now nearly empty!  I didn't get any ironing done so that's a task for this morning.

Lunch with a friend was really lovely.  Bless her, she brought with her some daffodils for me and now my downstairs looks very bright and spring-like.  I found a recipe for chicken thighs which turned out really nicely and was absolutely delicious.  I had to sub a few ingredients but it worked fine and I am very glad there's enough left over for my lunch today!

Here it is although I used orange marmalade, not having any lemon)

We had a good old chat and catch-up too.

I didn't get much more clearing out done yesterday so it is double dose today.  I must tackle the pile of books that seems to have grown beside my bed and then the mess on my so-called 'dressing table'.  I wonder - if I had a plant or two there would it stop me from dumping stuff?  Who knows!

Oh - and after sorting out an old swimming bag, I now have three more swimming costumes.  Who needs seven!  I've washed them but I think they will need to go into the charity pile as they are now too big (cheers).

Beth and I were going to take a trip to the allotment this morning, not to work but to develop our Plan of Action.  I was going to pick Beth up but, given that her road is narrow, on a hill and with parking both sides, we've decided to give it a miss.  Beth had the very unpleasant experience of losing control and sliding down backwards one icy day a few years ago and how she managed not to hit anything on the way down, she will never know.  Neither of us take any risks on that road now; it may be in town but it is a minor road and is never gritted - I doubt the gritting lorries could get down, in fact.
Maybe we can go tomorrow.

As the weather doesn't look exactly promising today (it's just started snowing harder, more like a snarl now), I think it will be heating turned up, windows closed and a warm snuggle under the fleece.  Stay warm and take care, whatever the weather down your way.