Monday, 21 August 2017


Morning, all.  Apologies for the silence but life is still a bit complicated.  I'll be back soon.  In the meanwhile, enjoy the silence!!!

Saturday, 19 August 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's sunny outside but the puddles tell me that it's been raining.  Yesterday was the same;  in fact, we have two or three very sharp, stormy showers and I was thankful not to get caught out in them.

Yesterday was busy doing this, that and the other stuff.  Homey things that need to be done.

A bit of useless information - I have discovered that when you freeze green beans they don't stick together.  You really wanted to know that, didn't you?  😃

Have a good day and stay dry!

Friday, 18 August 2017


It doesn't seem two years ago that I was rejoicing over grandson Alex's outstandingly good GCSEs but it was.
This is what I wrote.

"The biggest from yesterday is, of course, Al's GCSE results.  He did great.  He got all grades A* to C, no grades below that and he is set fair for 6th form and A levels.
The amazing thing is that this time three years ago he had done none of the national curriculum for most of the subjects he studied.  In fact, he went down a year when he started mainstream so that he could do a year's study before having to decide on his GCSEs. 
(This was because he was previously attending a special school with a Statement of SEN for autism)

The biggest worry was English.  It's a crucial one to get (alongside maths) and as he has a communication disorder (he was virtually non-verbal when he started school) it was never going to be easy.  He was predicted an E which then went up to a D.  A D would have been amazing.  They put him in for both English exams, the general one and Literature (which surprised us a bit but there you go . . .).and he not only got B for English, he also went and got C for literature.  Fantastic!"

Yesterday, two years later, it was A level results.  Same nerves, same worries only bigger because this time it wasn't entry to sixth form that was at stake, it was entry to university.
I should have known better than to waste a good worry on it.  Alex soared!  A* for mathematics, A for further mathematics and B for Chemistry.  UCAS had confirmed his place at university by email before he picked up the results so we knew he'd done pretty well.
So in just over a month's time, Alex will be off to study mathematics at the University of East Anglia.  The next big life-adventure will begin and things will change for us all.

Hasn't he done well?

The weather was pretty grim yesterday morning but had perked up by lunchtime so I managed to get my load of washing out on the line, dried and then ironed.  The ironing baskets are now empty.
I also dealt with  those green beans (five good sized packs in the freezer), the allotment runner beans (for Beth), a large yellow courgette (slice, open freeze and bag), my own tomatoes (passata) and tomatoes from Mum and Dad's which I peeled and bagged and they will be frozen whole later on.

So, what with one thing and another, it was a very busy day!

Today I am up very early after a restless night.  I'll go down to the allotment early and get that mowing done.  I just need to check exactly how early I can make it happen by checking on the allotment web site.  Then it is home for various other chores including making sure everywhere is tidy for the cleaners.  It's all go today!

Edited:  well, I WAS going to mow the grass but it's started chucking it down with rain.  

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Extra comments

I've just read that you don't need to blanch green beans before freezing.  Three cheers!

And I have just tried an apple from the allotment tree.  Not totally ripe, OK, it's a bit early, but really delicious.

And finally - it was so dark because it was raining so the allotment grass will just have to stay long for today!


Good morning, everyone.  It's just started getting light, emphasising to me that Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn is getting ever nearer.  We're almost two months away from the longest day, after all.  I do love sitting here, watching it get lighter and lighter as blackness turns to shadows and silhouettes which gradually take on colour and the minutes creep by.

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day.  After a few days of not picking, there were thousands (OK, slight exaggeration there) of runner beans and tomatoes to pick as well as some sweet peas to fragrance the house.  I dealt with the runners by prepping and freezing most of them, keeping out one portion which I enjoyed for dinner.  I plan to deal with the tomatoes today.

Then I went to the allotment and oh, my goodness!  I came back with a huge bag of green beans, some cucumber, courgettes, a few apples, more runners and - at last - six baby corn cobs.  Yes, the corn is finally ready to harvest and how delicious they were!

After a week of neglect, the grass is knee high so I will be taking an early trip this morning with mower in tow!  The weeds, surprisingly enough, are not too bad, which is good.

I managed to get two loads of washing done and nearly all the contents of the ironing basket sorted too.  There's now just a couple of sheets to do!

Today is also jam packed with stuff.  House work (very necessary), dealing with all that garden and allotment produce (must look up how to freeze green beans - do they need blanching?) finishing off the ironing and going into town to Lakeland for various things for me and for a friend.

But first - coffee and then my hair needs washing!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Good morning, everyone.  I know the weather is expected to bread but at the moment it is lovely and sunny.  Very cheering.

I can't go into details because it's not my story to tell, but life has suddenly got a bit (lot) more complicated so if I seem a bit 'out of it', that's why!

I shall be going home this morning which I'm looking forward to, being a right home-body at heart and am hoping that there will be plenty of runners and tomatoes to pick and enjoy.  I'm not looking forward to opening the fridge door as I left in a hurry so am quite expecting to be attacked by a mouldy monster when I do.  Luckily, I have plenty of disinfectant to hand!  😃

I went online yesterday and found, on Amazon, a source of cotton sheeting that I can use to line and back the duvet cover I am making.  I bought loads as I'm pretty sure I will be making a bed spread to match.  I have plenty of plain, white pillowcases so am resisting that temptation.  I have taken a few photos but left my camera at home!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


I'll be back properly tomorrow or Thursday at the latest - just saying so readers don't worry.