Saturday, 25 February 2017


This is so late - really sorry.  I actually managed to sleep until 7:00 this morning which is a big lie in for me and then I fussed around for a while before realising I really needed to get going or I'd be late to pick Beth up.

Yesterday was a super day.  Because the cleaners were coming, it was no hassle to get the house ready for visitors and because they were bringing desserts and drinks, making the dinner was no hassle either.  We had a happy, laughter filled evening and all the food went down a treat with leftovers for today and a bit to freeze for future meals.  I like that very much!

Today I was at a bread demo thingy but I will rabbit on about that tomorrow morning.  Apart from that it's just housework, washing/ironing and generally being idle.  What a lucky life.

Friday, 24 February 2017


Well, yesterday was quite a day, wasn't it?  Even round here the winds were pretty strong and I was nearly blown over - twice.  No personal damage though and it has all moderated.
We had some very strong showers too although the first one was the worst.  It happened just as the children were arriving for school and, despite the temperature being around ten degrees, there was a fair bit of snow mixed in with the rain.

Just as that moderated, I got an email asking if I could do a bit of emergency supply.  I couldn't do the morning but I did the afternoon (I was due to be in school anyway) which is how I know about the children getting soaked - loads of them were in PE kit with their clothes drying on all the radiators!

In the morning I managed to do my shopping.  I went to Sainsbury's for a change and I wished I hadn't.  They are doing some significant alterations to the car park, parking space was a bit limited and they had people directing the cars round.  I was lucky - someone drove out just ahead of me - but I could easily have gone round and round and more cars were entering than leaving!

I left school quickly (having OKed it with management) because I had tuition.  By the time that was over, I was pretty worn out.  I think I am out of practice after so many months with no supply!

Today looks like being easier.  For a start, Thermione comes home.  The cleaners are coming so I need to get the place tidy before they arrive which shouldn't take all that long.  The worst part is the sewing table and I won't be able to clear that, just tidy it.

Then I have a meal to prepare.  Instead of going to the Hare, this time the girls are coming here.  I'm doing the main, J and L are bringing desserts and Beth is bringing drinks (no wine as people will be driving).  I am doing a chicken and rice one pot with some side vegetables (probably roasted parsnips and broccoli, and Beth's vegetarian alternative will be chick peas and rice - more or less the same as the other but no meat.  I shall add some feta for extra flavour.

I think a second cup of coffee is calling me so I will go and sort that out.  I hope all my UK readers are safe after yesterday's extreme winds and that no damage has been done to property or possessions.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


Cough, cough, splutter.  :-)

We're supposed to be getting some bad weather through the day today.  It doesn't seem to have arrived yet, but it does feel a bit colder and I am pampering myself by turning up the heating a little bit.

It was back to tuition after half term yesterday and jolly nice it was too.  What is also nice is to have 'outside' evidence that ones pupils are making progress; it is jolly encouraging, both for them and for me.

Today I had been planning the morning in and then off to school for Y2 reading followed by more tuition.  However, I have great news (great for me anyway) - Thermione is coming home tomorrow!  She's been repaired and all is well again.  I have missed my Thermomix, but not as much as I would have done because Beth kindly let me have my old one back again for the duration.  It would have been a big pain otherwise as I use her every day, usually several times.  Thanks, Beth - really appreciated.

As I have the girls round for a meal tomorrow evening, I have to go shopping and I may as well do it today so as to be in all day tomorrow.  It gives me a clear run for Thermione, for tidying the house - the bits that show, anyway - and prepping the meal.  They're bringing the desserts and drinks so all I have to do is the main (a one pot chicken and rice thing with side veg and a vegetarian chick pea equivalent) and some nibbles which will be cruditees and dips.  Nothing too arduous.

The coffee is waiting and I ought to be getting going, I think.  Have a good day and I hope the winds aren't too dangerous where you are.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Good morning!  It's getting light and I'm noticing how much earlier dawn is now.  I suppose, thinking about it, we are a third of the way towards the longest day.  It's nice to see earlier light. even if all it shows is promise of a dull day.

Oh, dear, I was very materialistic yesterday.

First of all I went into town.  First stop was Lakeland where I got the misto I was 'needing' plus other stuff - shaped bread tins (semi planned purchase), roll tins (not planned but hugely reduced), an electric tin opener (planned purchase) and some icing bags.

Then I popped into John Lewis but wasn't tempted.  Yes, they have some lovely stuff but . . . well, a lot of expensive ju - er I mean unnecessary stuff.

After that I made the drive to Blake House Craft Centre where I ransacked the sale shop and found plenty of blue fabrics for the quilt I am planning to make and some fabric to make some summer skirts for myself.  I then meandered down to the yarn shop and enjoyed myself there too.

I'm not a particularly keen shopper in general terms but when it comes to cooking stuff and crafting stuff, I can stand up to the best.

Then I came home to be greeted by a parcel - the T shirts I ordered over the weekend.  I was very impressed with the speedy delivery.

And then, mid-afternoon, there was a ring at the door and lo and behold, it was the loaf slicer thingy I had ordered and which I wasn't expecting for several weeks.  So, of course, I had to start some dough off, didn't I?  It needed testing - as did the shaped bread tins!

While I was in the kitchen, I decided it was time to make another sourdough starter - not for sourdough bread but for sourdough crumpets.  You make them with the discard, you see.  So it's just as well I'm not going to be away for a while now.  It's bubbling away in the kitchen - yes, I cheated and used some yeast as well as the flour and water.  (apologies to any purists reading)

The bread was nice, the slicer worked extremely well, the fabrics are now washed, dried and ironed and today I will start cutting them into squares - that takes longer than you would think because you have to measure so carefully.

Unfortunately, the cold has landed.  Snuffles, sore throat, aching arms and shoulders - etc, etc, etc.  Oh, well, it's not so bad really and I can snuggle down and rest, if needed.

So - today is housework, crafting, planning a meal (I have the girls round on Friday and am doing the main course) and completing the planning for tonight's tuition.  I have no idea what to make for the meal so I will be consulting my cookery books!  I suspect the meat main will be a one pot chicken thing and the vegetarian will be macaroni cheese but we will see.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Apologies for yesterday's non-appearance.  Everything's fine, but it was a busy day, breakfast was ready before I was and then I forgot I hadn't done it.

I spent the weekend with Mum and Dad and it was quiet and gentle (mostly).  On the way home yesterday I stopped off at Aldi in Bishop's Stortford and did a little bit of shopping for the week, although I hardly need anything in really.  Once home, I unpacked stuff and then went into school for Knitter Knatter and then reading with FS.  All jolly good fun and most enjoyable.

Today, I was expecting Beth over but she can't come now so I will take a drive out to And Sew On to collect more fabric for the quilt I am making.  You see, they have a whole shop for fabrics that they have reduced and, at a fiver a metre, that can't be sneezed at and is cheaper than the market even.

I will also go into the yarn shop as I want to get some super chunky stuff.  Some of the girls at Knitter Knatter are into using very chunky yarn and are knitting great lengths so I thought I'd show them how to make a bag by example.

Later on, it is one of my favourite programmes, Further Back in Time, so despite not seeing Beth, I think it will be a fun day.  The only fly in the ointment is this cold which is still trying to land - persistent things aren't they, colds!

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Yesterday was a quiet day.  Reading, knitting, chatting and catching up on lost sleep.  Today looks like being similar.

I've finished the Maries and now I've started the Josephs!   Getting there.

Wasn't it mild yesterday?  Today looks like being the same - sunny and spring-like.  Bring it on!  I stepped outside after dark yesterday and thought I could almost have sat outside; there was absolutely no chill whatsoever.  It was lovely.

The cold still seems to be trying to land so fingers crossed that it flies away!

Have a good day, everyone.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday . . .

. . . and all I can say is 'better late than never'!

It's a bit of a dull and gloomy day, mild and still.  I gather there's more mild weather heading towards us but maybe Scotland will get more of it.  It really is very nice being able to open the windows and breathe in the fresh air after so much chilly weather.  As for pegging out the washing, it's a pleasure!

I know I keep saying that yesterday was a good day and I apologise for being boring but, again, yesterday was a good day.  It was great to go out for a meal in the evening (and even better not to pay for it).  I waffled (mentally) between three menu choices but finally went for the chicken burger which really was jolly nice, as were the chips and the house slaw.  I managed to finish nearly all of it too.

A shame I had a bit of a broken night, not from indigestion but from aches and pains and when I woke this morning I realised the cold I managed to hold back a week ago was trying another offensive.  I'm under the influence of meds now and hoping that will convince it to go away!

Today is quiet.  I've not dropped off yet but what's the betting I will this afternoon?

A few days ago I said to Beth that I must get some more T shirts.  I am not a posh dresser and tend to survive in T shirts and skirts for the most part.  It's neat enough but the T shirts are getting extremely tatty after a number of years.  Yesterday I happened across a Cotton Trader catalogue and guess what - they had simple, ordinary T shirts in a variety of colours, not too expensive, so I've ordered some.  That should sort me out for another x number of years.

Better go.  It's nearly lunch time!  Enjoy your day, however you are spending it.